About Playster

We love entertainment, just like you

So we combined it all and made things easy for you.

The truth is we all want different things at different times.

Books, movies, music, games. Anything the moment calls for, it should always be there – and it should just work, wherever we happen to be.

Our mantra Entertainment Unlimited is about freedom of choice, and that’s what we’re giving you with Playster.

The adrenaline rush when hitting a new high score in that game you’re hooked on. Enjoying a movie night with family and friends. Discovering the soundtrack to your summer. Losing yourself in a great book. It’s all good for the soul. And we’ve made it completely stress-free.

The best thing about what we’re doing is its limitless potential. Playster already has the biggest digital catalogue on the web, and we’re always looking at ways to give you more choice and bring you closer to the things you love. That means Playster will continue to evolve, becoming bigger and smarter.

The Playster team